The Mind Clones Trilogy


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The Mind Clones Trilogy: The complete set
Price: $39.90 (NEW!) Published 7 Dec 2017
5″ x 8″ (12.7 x 20.32 cm)
Black & White on Cream paper
Little Rocket Books

ISBN-13: 978-9811159015
ISBN-10: 9811159017
BISAC: Fiction / Thrillers


The year is 2030. The Prime Minister dies suddenly and an army Colonel takes charge, plunging Singapore into disarray. A group of twenty-somethings set to prove they are not twenty-nothings by going against the newly installed regime. Against all odds, these undergraduates pit their intelligence and skills to save the country from the clutches of a dictator.

After the fall of a tyrannical regime, Singapore looks ahead to a new democracy under a popularly elected government. But the peace and quiet does not last long as the new government introduces draconian laws to restrict the freedoms of its people. Lina gets caught in the web of harsh rules and Kuan Hee stumbles into adventure trying to save her. Then he realises his parents have been kidnapped by elements of the army. They intend to use his scientist father to create human clones for a new elite race set to rule the country. Kuan Hee gathers his friends Tim and Navin to help rescue his parents. His father reveals a terrifying secret that sets these twentysomethings on a dangerous course to save the country.

When Kuan Hee is kidnapped and smuggled into Indonesia, he finds he is being held in exchange for his scientist father’s mind clone cartridge. His friends go to his rescue. It sets the stage for his relentless pursuit of the perpetrators’ trail to recover the mind clone cartridge. In the process, he stumbles on a heinous plot to create human clones with the likeness of Chinese political leaders. Kuan Hee and his friends swing into action to thwart the evil plot until the sinister mastermind launches a deadly campaign to eliminate them, leading Kuan Hee and his buddies into adventure as they scramble to escape from their pursuers and destroy the human clones.

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